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Our local chapter has recently purchased a number of new books, tapes, and videos that we felt might be very helpful to our families. We are making these resources available to our current members at no charge.

We will send materials out to current members with a return label enclosed. We would ask that you return the book/tape within one month. We will enclose a reminder of the return date with the item. If you need a renewal, please call or e-mail us for permission. If we have not received any other requests, we would be happy to do that. We will be tracking the whereabouts of the materials so that we can keep them available for the benefit of all. If you would like to obtain a current list of the lending library’s resources, please click here.

Would you like to preview the materials first? We will have them available at our membership meetings for you to browse through. You may check them out at that time as well.

Do you have suggestions of other materials that you would recommend we make available? Please click here to let us know so that we can continue to expand on these resources for everyone!

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