Dare to Dream 2023 Auction



The BiddingOwl software we use for our auction (https://new.biddingowl.com/sbanys) has changed this year. Usernames and passwords from previous years will NOT work; you will need to re-register. See below for instructions.

 Also, BiddingOwl is currently supporting scores of auctions, in addition to ours. If you are on OUR auction, you will see the SBANYS logo… 

…in the upper left corner. If you are directed to the “general” site, you can type “spina” or “SBA” in the Featured Auctions box, or type https://new.biddingowl.com/sbanys in your browser address field, to return to SBANYS. 

Instructions to register (more FAQs can be found via the link on the SBANYS auction welcome page):

  1. Click or go to https://new.biddingowl.com/SBANYS

  2. Go to Bidder Login

  3. Create an account; you will be randomly assigned a “secret identity” to keep your bids confidential.*  You will be prompted to go to your email to verify your account. (If not, check the email you used to create an account.)

  4. Go to your email app, open the email, and confirm your account by “clicking here” on it

  5. The page will say, Thank you for confirming your email. Click here to sign in. Click!

  6. Sign into your account again *

  7. Search “Spina” or “SBANYS” on the Featured Auctions page.

  8. Begin bidding!

Once registered, you can access the auction at any time via computer, tablet, or phone by going to Bidder Login and entering your username and password.

* Optionally (but strongly recommended!), after any log in, go to Account> Profile. Make a note of your assigned “secret identity” (or “display name”) at the top (this is how you will appear on baskets on which you bid) and enter the requested information. At the bottom of that page, select the way(s) you want to be notified of wins (email or sms/text).

Click to continue on to the auction!


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